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Appibuddy free app rewards you with real-life deals enticing you to improve your nutritional and exercise habits.

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Track your Glycemic Load!
Track a whole range of metrics from Glycemic Load to Body Age.
Our simple Glycemic Load meter with its 3 colors traffic light coding will help you to easily control the sugar intake of the food you eat .
Quantify yourself!
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Use your phone tracker or connect to any connected health devices to monitor your steps, distance and calories ensuring a highly personalized account of your health.

Living Healthy is Fun

Appibuddy is an innovative mobile and web based platform that educates people about wellness and healthy living in a fun way through gaming and rewards.

Gaming into a Healthy Lifestyle
Dieting is difficult and to keep you motivated, we award users with buddy points for actions and making progress.
Collect enough points to grab great discounts on Healthy deals from our partners.
Our Connections
Get a complete FREE health check at our health kiosks in our Partner’s supermarkets, pharmacies and shopping mall and be rewarded!
You can monitor your weight, BMI, Body Fat, Blood pressure and heart resting rate. All for free!
Our Connections
Get just one app to connect all your activity trackers and connected health devices!
All your data are synchronized and secured with your Appibuddy app!

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